How to Develop a Relaxing Sleep Cycle

September 08, 2021

How to Develop a Relaxing Sleep Cycle

“Let’s stream one more episode on Netflix”. “Ahhh it’s just 4 am, I can finish another season”

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there.

On a Saturday, or a Sunday night too, binging our favourite shows and avoiding the fact that we should be sleeping by now. Now you know where Monday blues come from even during lockdowns.

Now, what is a sleep cycle? And what are the myths related to it?

Your body has a natural indicator that asks you to sleep. It is called as ‘Circadian Rhythm’. It regulates your body and indicates when you should be sleeping. Sort of like your body’s 24-hour clock. So that your body knows when to sleep and when to wake up. Creating a great sleep cycle is basically regulating that ‘Circadian Rhythm’.

“I’ll sleep for 6 hours on the weekdays, and I’ll compensate for my sleep during weekends”. BAD IDEA. That’ll disrupt your sleeping pattern. Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to poor attention, increasing the risk of heart-related disease, increased risk of depression, skin ageing, obesity, you name it. Although irregular sleeping patterns don’t have a major effect in the short run, but it definitely has an ENORMOUS effect in the long run. And long run is what matters!

But don’t worry, let Snooze Story take away your stress. Here’s our guide to develop a relaxing sleep cycle, that’ll lead to a relaxing lifestyle.


1. Sync your Sleep Timing

Naturally injecting a healthy sleep cycle could be a bit tricky. Try to stick to your schedule, and sleep no more than 8 hours. If sleeping for less than 7 hours could be harmful, even sleeping for more than 8 hours could be harmful. 8 hours is bang on! Create a sleeping time window and stick to it day-in and day-out, and that is how, my friend, you achieve a relaxing sleep cycle.


2. Keep Away from Screens

Follow this principle, “Phones away 6 feet, leads to a sweet sleep” A hormone called ‘Melatonin’ regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Basically, it determines when you sleep and when you wake up. What if I tell you that you using your screens in the night is manipulating that hormone? Melatonin is heavily influenced by light. When there is dark around you, it makes you feel sleepy, and whenever there is light around you, it wakes you up. It is light-sensitive. So when you use your phones, tablets, tv’s or desktop at night, you disrupt that hormone and thus you end up gaining an imbalance sleep cycle. Plus the blue light that the devices throw is really harmful to your eyes as well. Keep away your phones before your back hits the bed.


3. Don’t Bring Your Worries to the Bed

Clear your head before you sleep. Your worries, stress, anger from that day can wake you up in the middle of the night and thus disrupt your sleep. In this fast-paced world managing your stress has to be a priority. Create a cozy bedtime ritual, take a warm bath, listen to music, keep your lights dimmed, and don’t bring any stress to your bed.


4. Regulate what you put in your body

What you put in your body has the biggest effect on your sleep. Following a vegetable-rich diet. Limiting meat. Not consuming alcohol around sleep time. Less Caffeine. Light dinner. Less liquid to minimize loo breaks, are some of the ways you can use to develop a relaxing sleep cycle.


5. Take Care of Your Sleep environment

A peaceful sleep environment is an effective way to gain a relaxing sleep cycle. I mean, can you sleep on a busy street with constant loud noises and honkings? A peaceful sleep environment is definitely needed. Keep the noise down, prepare your bed neatly, cool your room, maybe light some scented candles, and sleep your heart out!


6. Choose your bedsheet wisely

Nobody, not even your partner hugs your body the way your bedsheets do. Good sleep always starts with comfortable sheets. Going for natural cotton bedsheets that are ultra-soft and comfortable is the mantra for a good night’s sleep. And if they are anti-microbial then there are chances that you won’t just be just sleeping happily, but also healthily. Anti- Microbial technology kills any germ or bacteria that comes in contact with the bedsheet.

A healthy sleep cycle is equal to a healthy lifestyle. We are a sucker for using our time wisely and spending our time in a productive way. And yet we spend 1/3rd of our day sleeping but in such an unhealthy manner. Why not follow a relaxing sleep cycle and follow a routine, to lead a productive life.

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