Benefits of sleeping on anti-microbial sheets

June 14, 2021

Benefits of sleeping on anti-microbial sheets

At Snooze Story, we strive to provide bed sheets that are both comfortable and luxurious. We strive for the best because we want you to have the best.

Who wouldn’t want their sheets to be forever clean? Or better yet look amazing, feel extraordinary but no one ever thought of having antimicrobial sheets until now. We have researched and developed this product over the years with help taken from so many experts. And we must say the response we’ve got till now has been far more pleasing than we had anticipated.

Here are some of the reasons to buy these sheets from us (not that you needed it :P)

Almost Zero stink:

Our sheets stink and smell a lot less than just ordinary sheets. Due to its antimicrobial properties the smell which is created with its use is nullified to give you a fresh bed feeling everytime you want to nap or sleep on it.


ZERO allergens:

Allergens are those little enemies in our bed which can cause us allergies. Allergies can cause lung problems, skin rashes and what not in our body. Should we say more why we need to stay away from these little microbial devils? These sheets keep these allergens away, away for good. Thus, keeping you and your family safe and sound.


Cooling effects:

These sheets have tremendous cooling properties. They help the air pass freely and thus makes you feel cool and awesome. We think it’s a must on your bed during the summers.

Strong material with less crumpling:

Because of their antimicrobial properties these sheets have a very sturdy build. These sheets don’t crumple much and have fewer wrinkles as compared to normal cotton sheets. These make your sheets long lasting and new looking.


A pet’s bed friend:

If you have these sheets deployed on your bed, you can definitely have your pets jump around and play with you and your family without any need of frequent washing. These sheets will neutralize the germs and allergens brought on by your pets, if any, and make the bed safe for your family.


Less washing needed:

With the use of these sheets you can reduce the washes needed. By a safe estimate these sheets require 50% less washes which means you save on your water consumption, your electricity needs and of course less wear and tear on your sheets.


It’s safe to say these sheets will help you keep you and your family healthy. They have a lot of pros in their corner and we think you shouldn't wait for one more moment to buy this extremely incredible product.


Like we said earlier, at Snooze story, we always focus on designing the right bedsheet where comfort meets sustainability meet luxury. You deserve the best because you are the best.


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