6 Things to take care while buying a bedsheet

May 08, 2021

6 Things to take care while buying a bedsheet

“We all enjoy sleeping. Don't you think so? 

Everyone understands how vital 8 hours of sleep is for a healthy body. However, most people overlook the most significant factor: "Quality & Comfort."

A bedsheet that was once considered only cosmetic in one's room is now thought to have a number of factors in its usability. Of course, we are not suggesting that aesthetics have taken a back seat, but weave quality, fabric, and other factors are also critical for a comfortable and soothing sleep. A bedsheet is very significant in one's sleeping cycle pattern. 

We usually overlook our comfort on the bedsheet. Scientists, on the other hand, have shown that high-quality bedsheets can significantly enhance our sleep. But how do we know which bedsheet is best for us? No worries, with our years of experience in the industry, we have found 7 points that we believe must be considered when purchasing the perfect bedding. 


1] Size: 

When it comes to bedding, "more is never better." 

The size of a bedsheet is the most important thing to consider when purchasing one. Tucking in a bedsheet that is too big or too small can be a nightmare. In such a scenario, everybody considers bringing an extra-large bedsheet. 

Why put ourselves through that when we have a solution? "Tailored bedsheet." In the world of bedsheets, modern creativity has taken place. "Fitted Bedsheet" refers to a bedsheet with elastic edges that eliminates the need for daily tucking. 

Don't waste more money on a +1 size bedsheet when there's a simple alternative. 


2] Fabric:  

The soul of every bedsheet is its fabric. 

There are many fabrics on the market right now, ranging from plain cotton to poly cotton to blended fabrics. Choosing the best fabric for the bedsheet is difficult. 

So, why not try a fabric designed specifically to provide a comfortable sleeping environment? Our 100% pure cotton bedsheet is regarded as premium due to its softness and consistency. 

So, don't jeopardize your Ishq of sleep by using low-quality bedsheet fabric.


3] Aesthetics: 
Given the new trend of home decor "Looks Matters." 

Nowadays, it is important that your bedsheet matches the rest of your room's decor. This is a highly subjective consideration. Some people like jazzy prints, while others prefer to keep it easy with plain ones. It is entirely dependent on the room's furniture and personal preference. 

However, why settle for something mediocre when you can get high-quality colours and contrast that will add depth to your snooze? 


4] Anti-Microbial: 

The most important thing right now is health and hygiene. So, why neglect the importance of health in bedsheets? 

One-third of your life is spent in bed. So making sure you have clean bed linens is one of your must-do chores. You should wash them at least once a week, preferably twice a week. However, according to a new study, the majority of sheet slackers go 25 days between washes. 

That is not the case with our bedsheets, which maintain their anti-microbial properties after 30 washes. But you don't have to be concerned with mites or bed bugs when getting your forty winks. 

Gut bacteria are beneficial, but the bacteria on your bedsheet are not! So, let us have a risk-free night's sleep.  


5] Return Policy:  

A product that isn't worth it should be returned. 

When purchasing a sheet online, one of the most important things to remember is the return policy. It is always advisable to review the return policy on the website from which you purchase it. What if the bed sheet doesn't suit or isn't made of the fabric you requested? That is why we give a 15-night return policy to our customers. 

We understand that "sleep time is precious and will never return." 


6] Sheets quality retaining capability: 

Washing a sheet keeps it fresh and makes your sleep more comfortable. 

Most sheets lose their consistency or colour after a few washes, causing discomfort when sleeping. Why put your sleep at risk by purchasing a bedsheet that is better before a wash? Make good use of your resources. 

We recognize that money does not decide efficiency. However, there is no harm in investing a few dollars extra for higher quality that will improve your sleeping experience. 

Wash off your sheets, not your sleep. 


So, those are some of the considerations we suggest you remember when purchasing a comfortable bedsheet. We want to raise awareness about the value of getting a good bedsheet. 

Where will you find a bedsheet with all of the above qualities under one roof? Don't worry, just go to & get closer to a good night's sleep. 

We understand that there might be others. Please share the considerations that you consider before purchasing a bedsheet. 


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